Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu

Thermometers and Pedometers

  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. U059
    Silver Compass Fob/Pendant
    Made by Thomas James Skelton, Birmingham 1915
    Price 185.00

    No. U050
    Silver Pocket Thermometer
    Made by Francis Barker & Sons, London 1911
    Price 845.00

    No. U040
    Edwardian Silver Barometer, Thermometer & Altimeter
    Made by William Frederick Wright, London 1909
    Price 1,195.00

    No. S131
    Victorian Silver Pocket Compass
    Made by Richard James Oliver, London 1885
    Price 1,175.00

    No. R052
    Victorian Silver Pocket Pedometer
    Made by James Oliver, London 1892
    Price 595.00

    No. S130
    Silver Pocket Compass
    Made by A.L. Dennison, Birmingham 1915
    Price 595.00

    No. R053
    Victorian Silver Pocket Barometer
    Made by Philip Woodman, London 1887
    Price 645.00

    No. R050
    Silver Compass Fob
    Made by William Oakley Davies, Birmingham 1911
    Price 225.00

    No. Q046
    Edwardian Silver Thermometer Case
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co, London 1904
    Price 575.00

    No. P080
    Victorian Silver Pocket Compass with Locking Mechanism
    Made by Lewis Nightingale, London 1898
    Price 1,175.00

    No. P082
    Victorian Silver 'Straw Boater' Hat Compass Fob
    Made by Henry Williamson, Birmingham 1881
    Price 385.00

    No. P081
    Silver Pocket 'See-through' Compass
    Made by Francis Barker & Sons Ltd., London 1921
    Price 595.00

    No. P083
    Edwardian Silver Compass Fob
    Made circa 1905
    Price 165.00

    No. N071
    Goerge III Silver Compass.
    Made in London in 1803.
    Price 1,295.00

    No. M087
    Victorian Silver Pocket Barometer, Compass & Thermometer.
    Made in London, circa 1870
    Price 1,795.00

    No. N015
    Edwardian Silver Gilt & Mother of Pearl Travelling Thermometer.
    Made by Albert Barker of London in 1903.
    Price 1,295.00

    No. G021
    Georgian Silver & Steel Compass, Ruler & Case.
    Made circa 1800.
    Price 1,795.00

    No. L134
    Silver Compass Fob.
    Made by Postans & Tye of Birmingham 1914.
    Price 235.00

    No. J236
    Victorian 18 Carat Gold Compass & Thermometer.
    Made by Edwin William Streeter of London, circa 1880.
    Price 795.00

    No. J238
    Edwardian Silver Compass.
    Made by Francis Barker & Son of London in 1901.
    Price 645.00

    No. J237
    Victorian Silver Compass.
    Made by Francis Barker & Son of London in 1900.
    Price 745.00

    No. N026
    Victorian Silver Barometer.
    Made by Philip Woodman of London in 1889.
    Price 635.00

    No. M087
    Victorian Silver Pocket Barometer, Compass & Thermometer.
    Made in London, circa 1870
    Price 1,795.00

    No. I078
    Georgian silver pocket compass.
    Made circa 1820. ( Not Marked )
    Price 565.00

    No. H142
    Silver Wrist Compass.
    Made by Charles Peach in Chester, 1926.
    Length of strap 8" (20cm).
    Price 325.00

    No. G093
    Victorian Silver Whistle & Compass.
    Made by Deakin & Francis in Birmingham, 1895.
    Length including ring 2.5" (7cm).
    Price 435.00

    No. F425
    Victorian Silver Compass.
    Made by Henry Stuart Brown in London, 1895.
    Diameter 1.5" (3.5cm).
    Price 875.00

    No. E238
    Georgian silver pocket compass in a red leather case.
    Made circa 1820.
    Diameter 1.25" (3cm).
    Price 645.00

    No. G011
    Russian Silver & Niello Compass.
    Made circa 1890.
    Length of case 1" (2.5cm). Length including chain 2" (5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. J215
    Silver 'Wynne's Infallible Exposure Meter'.
    Case by Dennison of Birmingham in 1911.
    Price 645.00

    No. L171
    Victorian Silver Patent Pedometer.
    Made by Payne & Co. of London in 1878.
    Price 865.00

    No. F137
    Georgian silver pocket compass in a fitted case.
    Made circa 1810.
    Price 1,350.00

    No. I088
    Victorian Silver & Ivory Pocket Thermometer.
    Made by Jane Brownett of London in 1892.
    Price 635.00

    No. J078
    Victorian Silver Altimeter, Barometer, Compass & Thermometer.
    Made by J. J. Hicks of London, circa 1870.
    Price 1475.00

    No. I022
    Victorian silver Barometer & Altimeter.
    Made by Alexander Jenkins of London in 1868.
    Price 745.00

    No. I079
    Scottish Ballater silver & ivory pocket thermometer.
    Made by William Robb of Ballater
    With Edinburgh marks for 1912.
    Price 1695.00

    No. E071
    Victorian silver pocket compass.
    Made by S. G. in London, 1864.
    Price 645.00

    No. H088
    Victorian Silver Barometer & Altimeter.
    Made by Callaghan & Co., circa 1870.
    (23 New Bond St., Corner of Conduit St., London).
    Price 485.00

    No. D048
    A Victorian silver vesta case/compass.
    Made by A. and J. Zimmerman in Birmingham, 1895.
    Price 495.00

    No. F153
    Edwardian silver cased barometer.
    Made by Andrew Barnett & Sons in London, 1908.
    Price 895.00

    No. D167
    Victorian silver "lamp" compass.
    Made by James Allen in Birmingham, 1891.
    Price 165.00

    No. B0406
    Edwardian silver and brass Thermometer.
    Made by H. Williamson Ltd in Birmingham, 1901.
    Price 325.00