Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. N091
    Silver Double 'Albert' Watch Chain.
    Made by Britton & Sons of Chester in 1913.
    Price 595.00

    No. H066
    Edwardian 9ct Gold Single 'Albert' Watch Chain.
    Made by Keat & Co. in London, circa 1905.
    Price 695.00

    No. D501
    Silver "Albert" chain.
    Made by H.P. in Birmingham, 1913.
    Length 15" (38cm). Weight 0.84 Troy oz. (26g).
    Price 175.00

    No. D654
    Victorian silver 15.5" (39cm) "Albert" chain.
    Made by W. W. C in Birmingham, 1900.
    Length 15.5" (39cm). Weight 3.92 troy oz. (122g).
    Price 445.00

    No. B0344
    Edwardian 9ct gold double watch chain.
    Made circa 1900.
    Price 395.00

    No. B0337
    An Edwardian silver "Albert" chain.
    Made by H.P in Birmingham, 1907.
    Price 155.00

    No. B0342
    Victorian silver watch chain.
    Made circa 1870.
    Price 195.00

    No. B0343
    Victorian 9ct gold watch chain.
    Made circa 1880.
    Price 325.00

    No. B0339
    A silver watch chain.
    Made by H. P. in Birmingham, 1913.
    Length 15.25" (39cm). Weight 0.83 Troy oz (26gr).
    Price 175.00

    No. B0338
    A silver watch chain.
    Made by H. Bunn & Sons in Birmingham, 1912.
    Price 170.00

    No. B0340
    A Victorian silver "Albert" chain.
    Not maked. Made circa, 1870.
    Price 255.00

    No. B0341
    An Edwardian silver watch chain.
    Made by J. Sellman in Birmingham, 1901.
    Price 195.00