Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu

SOLD - £2501 to £5000

  • The items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. S020
    George III Silver 'Picking Apples' Nutmeg Grater
    Made in Birmingham 1799
    Price £2,795.00

    No. P240
    Victorian Silver 'Antinous as Dionysos' Lamp
    Made by Stephen Smith & William Nicholson, London 1852
    Price £4,750.00

    No. U013
    George II Silver Coffee Pot
    Made by Fuller White, London 1757
    Price £2,850.00

    No. P323
    A Rare Early George III Silver & Glass Sauce Cruet
    Made by Thomas Wallis I, London 1769
    Price £3,250.00

    No. Q126
    Large Heavy Edwardian Silver Inkstand
    With Inkwell & Pounce Pot

    Made by Herbert Lambert, London 1908
    Price £3,350.00

    No. S078
    A French Gilded Silver, Slate & Glass Sweetmeat Dish
    Portraying A Cherub Climbing A Tree To See The Baby Birds In Their Nest

    Made by Jules Wiese, Paris c.1870
    Price £2,850.00

    No. R058
    Large American Sterling Silver Bowl
    Made by TIFFANY & Co, circa 1920
    Price £3,950.00

    No. K007
    Silver 'Riding Boots & Hat' Cruet Set
    Made by Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1949
    Price £4,350.0

    No. S133
    Chinese Export Silver Filigree & Enamel Calling Card Case
    Made circa 1840
    Price £2,850.00

    No. P055
    Pair of George II Cast Silver Candlesticks
    Made by Jacob Marsh, London 1743
    Price £4,750.00

    No. Q060
    Victorian Silver Tea Kettle on Stand with Spirit Burner
    Made by Samuel Roberts & Charles Belk, Sheffield 1865
    Price £3,250.00

    No. Q123
    Set of 12 Victorian Silver Fish Knives & Forks
    With Fish Servers

    Made by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1890
    Price £2,860.00

    No. P153
    An Arts & Crafts Silver & Oak Cigar Chest
    'The Man who smokes thinks like a Sage and acts like a Samaritan'
    Made by John & Ernest Betjemann, London 1902
    Price £2,650.00

    No. P298
    Victorian Silver & Cut Glass 3-Bottle Decanter Stand
    Made by Frederick Elkington, Birmingham 1873
    Price £2,850.00

    No. P152
    Silver 4-Piece Tea & Coffee Set & Silver Tea Tray
    Made by Richard Woodman Burbridge, London 1944
    & E. Viner, Sheffield 1933
    Price £4,250.00

    No. P029
    Victorian Silver & Glass 'Lantern' Vinaigrette & Scent Bottle
    Made by Thornhill, London c.1870
    Price £2,650.00

    No. R064
    6 - PLACE SETTING Silver 'Kings' pattern Cutlery Set
    Made by Francis Howard, Sheffield 1961-64
    Price £3,950.00

    No. Q171
    Pair of Impressive Victorian Gilded Silver Salt Cellars
    Made by John Bodman Carrington, London 1893
    Price £3,450.00

    No. Q061
    Pair of William IV Silver Candlesticks
    Made by Waterhouse, Hobson & Co, Sheffield 1833
    Price £2,850.00

    No. R043
    Russian 14ct Gold Table Snuff Box
    Made by 'S.K', St. Petersburg 1849
    Price £4,650.00

    No. R062
    Large Victorian Silver & Cut Glass Claret Jug
    With a Mask of Bacchus

    Made by William & George Sissons, Sheffield 1872
    Price £2,650.00

    No. N098
    Edwardian Silver & Tortoiseshell Desk/Dressing Table Clock
    Made by Albert Barker of London in 1905
    Price £3,250.00

    No. Q062
    George III Silver & Wood 'Penwork' Double Tea Caddy
    Silver mounts made by Thomas & James Phipps II, London 1817
    Price £4,850.00

    No. P131
    Japanese Silver 'Carp' Tea Caddy
    Made by Samurai Shokai, Yokohama c.1920
    Price £4,450.00

    No. Q059
    George III Silver Coffee Pot
    Made by Charles Hougham, London 1787
    Price £2,350.00

    No. P034
    Silver 3-Fluted Epergne Centrepiece
    Made by Daniel & Arter, Birmingham 1913
    Price £3,950.00

    No. P290
    Victorian Silver Acid-etched Glass Claret Jug
    Made by Charles Freeman, Sheffield 1878

    No. P130
    Chinese Export Silver 'Dragons' Cocktail Shaker
    Made by Zee Wo, Shanghai c.1920
    Price £2,950.00

    No. P148
    Chinese Export Silver Tea Canister/Caddy
    Decorated with Chinese Warriors

    Made by 'LS', Circa 1860
    Price £2,850.00

    No. P024
    Victorian Silver 'Leather Suitcase with Straps' Vinaigrette
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co., London c.1850
    Price £3,250.00.00

    No. J194
    George III Irish Silver & Glass Specimen Box
    Made by Aneas Ryan of Dublin, circa 1800
    Price £3,250.00

    No. J132
    Russian Silver & Steel Campaign Set.
    Made by August Holmstrom of Moscow in 1848.
    Price £3850.00

    No. N097
    A Pair Of George IV Silver & Wood Wine Coasters.
    Made by Samuel & Charles Young of Sheffield in 1820.
    Price £3,250.00

    No. G175
    Scottish Silver & Horn "Bullet" Hunting Mull.
    Made circa 1870, not marked.
    Price £2,850.00

    No. N048
    George III Silver Four Cup Egg Cruet.
    Made by Samuel Hennell of London in 1812.
    Price £3,350.00

    No. L012
    Edwardian Silver 'Cherub' Post Boy & Flower Girl.
    Import marks of Elly I.Miller of London in 1902.
    Price £2950.00

    No. N019
    Silver Dessert / Fruit & Cream Dish.
    Made by Walker & Hall of Sheffield in 1914.
    Price £3,950.00

    No. M124
    Arts & Craft Silver & Oak Cigar Chest.
    Made by George Betjemann & Sons of London in 1903.
    Price £3,950.00

    No. N031
    George II Silver Tea Caddy.
    Made by Samuel Taylor of London in 1751.
    Price £3,950.00

    No. H172
    Georgian Silver, Elephant Tooth & Tortoiseshell Snuff Box.
    Made circa 1820.
    Price £2550.00

    No. L150
    Art Deco Silver & Paste Articulated Fish.
    Made in Spain, circa 1935.
    Price £3,250.00

    No. I046
    Silver 'Artillery Shell' Sugar Caster.
    Made by Hamilton & Inches of Edinburgh in 1915.
    Price £2750.00

    No. M051
    Art Nouveau Silver Four Dish Epergne.
    Made by W.H. Sparrow of Birmingham in 1920.
    Price £4,950.00

    No. N020
    Silver & Steel 'Tortoise' Table Bell.
    Made by Grey & Co. of Chester in 1922.
    Price £2,750.00

    No. J186
    George II Silver & Tortoiseshell Snuff Box, With Hand Painted Minaiture.
    Made circa 1740.
    Price £3450.00

    No. I002
    Victorian Silver Argyle (Gravy Pot).
    Made by Edward & John Barnard of London in 1856.
    Price £3250.00

    No. K219
    Silver Artillery Canon.
    Made by David Mappin of London in 1973.
    Price £3450.00

    No. M086
    Edwardian Silver & Glass Inkwell & Watch.
    Made by John Collard Vickery of London in 1906.
    Price £2,650.00

    No. L158
    Charles II Silver Child's Porringer.
    Made by T.H of London in 1683.
    Price £3,450.00

    No. M148
    Six Irish Silver Tablespoons.
    Made by Joseph Gibson of Cork, circa 1790.
    Price £3,350.00

    No. L087
    Japanese Silver Sake Pot.
    Made circa 1880.
    Price £2650.00

    No. K183
    Victorian Silver & Stourbridge 'Rock Crystal' Glass Claret Jug.
    Made by John Grinsell of London in 1899.
    Price £4950.00

    No. K089
    Victorian Silver 'Grenadier Guards Bearskin' Inkwell.
    Made by E.H. Stockwell of London in 1883.
    Price £3250.00

    No. L118
    Edwardian Silver Punch Bowl.
    Made by Fenton Brothers Ltd of Sheffield in 1903.
    Price £3450.00

    No. L196
    Victorian Silver 8 Day Desk Clock.
    Made by E.H. Stockwell of London in 1889.
    Price £3,250.00

    No. L156
    Victorian Silver Snuff Box.
    Made by William Summers of London in 1876.
    Price £3,450.00

    No. L166
    Sixteenth Century Swiss Silver Spoon.
    Made circa 1587.
    Price £4,450.00

    No. J001
    Edwardian Scottish Silver 'Sir Robert Thorburn' 3-piece Tea Set.
    Made by Hamilton & Inches of Edinburgh in 1906.
    Price £2650.00

    No. L152
    French Silver & Niello Card Case.
    Made circa 1840.
    Price £2,950.00

    No. E204
    George II silver candle snuffer tray.
    Made by William Cafe in London, 1758.
    Price £3,350.00

    No. E097
    Charles II silver, horn & tortoiseshell snuff mull.
    Made circa 1680.
    Price £3,650.00

    No. J272
    Edwardian Silver & Steel Fish Penknife.
    Made by Henry Williamson of Birmingham in 1906.
    Price £2850.00

    No. L057
    Extremely Rare 17th Century Silver 'Rams Horn' Spoon.
    Made by Stephen Venables of London, circa 1650.
    Price £4650.00

    No. L126
    Victorian Silver Naturalistic Sugar Bowl & Sifter.
    Made by J.Heath & J.Middleton of London in 1891.
    Price £3350.00

    No. K107
    Chinese Export Silver 3 Piece Tea Set.
    Made by Kwong Wa, circa 1870.
    Price £3650.00

    No. J258
    Silver & Ivory Butt Marker.
    Made by John Collard Vickery of Birmingham in 1929.
    Price £3950.00

    No. L030
    George III Silver Pierced Salver.
    Made by John Scofield of London in 1786.
    Price £3950.00

    No. K039
    Victorian Silver 'Royal' Pin Cushion.
    Made by Colen Cheshire of Birmingham in 1886.
    Price £3950.00

    No. L083
    Japanese Silver 'Dragon' Coffee Pot.
    Made circa 1890.
    Price £4850.00

    No. K180
    Victorian Silver, Ivory, Glass & Leather 'Compactus' Travelling Case.
    Retailed by Asprey. London 1862-1881.
    Price £2950.00

    No. D515
    Victorian silver 4-piece tea & coffee set.
    Made by Harry Atkin in Sheffield, 1888/9.
    Height of coffee pot 10" (25.5cm). Total weight approx. 60.44 Troy oz. (1,880g).
    Price £4,250.00

    No. K184
    9 Carat 'Rose' Gold & Etched Glass Brandy Flask.
    Made by Mappin & Webb of London in 1918.
    Price £3350.00

    No. K242
    Norwegian .830 Standard Silver Donkey & Cart Salt Cellar.
    Made by Nilsen & Thorkildsen, circa 1895.
    Price £2650.00

    No. K021
    George IV Silver Parcel-Gilt Inkstand.
    Made by T.J. & N. Creswick of Sheffield in 1828.
    Price £4450.00

    No. H119
    Silver Gilt & Tortoiseshell Trinket Box.
    Made by Mappin & Webb in London, 1912.
    Length 8" (20.5cm).
    Price £3,450.00

    No. J269
    A Pair of Burmese Silver Vases/Candlesticks.
    Made circa 1880.
    Price £2850.00

    No. J166
    George IV Silver Entreé Dish.
    Made by Joseph. Cradock & William. K. Reid of London in 1821.
    Price £4450.00

    No. J257
    Edwardian Silver & Steel Tortoise Table Bell.
    Made by Grey & Co. of Chester in 1909.
    Price £2950.00

    No. K214
    A French Gold & Tortoiseshell Necessaire with 18ct Gold Implements.
    Made by Louis Lecomte of Paris, circa 1855.
    Price £3950.00

    No. K045
    Victorian Silver 'Salmon Head' Vesta Case.
    Made by William Oliver of Birmingham in 1892.
    Price £3450.00

    No. D901
    Victorian silver tray.
    Made by Walker and Hall in Sheffield, 1898.
    Length 24" (61cm). Weight approx. 90 troy oz.(2.8kg).
    Price £4,250.00

    No. K050
    Victorian Silver Wine Ewer.
    Made by Walter & John Barnard of London in 1882.
    Price £3950.00

    No. K015
    George IV Silver & Wood Wine Coasters.
    Made by Joseph Angell of London in 1820.
    Price £3950.00

    No. K006
    Victorian Silver & Cut Glass Claret Jug.
    Made by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. of London in 1899.
    Price £3950.00

    No. K127
    Three Silver & Glass Spirit Decanters.
    Made by George Betjemann & Sons of London in 1911.
    Price £3250.00

    No. H024
    Sterling Silver & Ivory 57-Piece 'Old English' Canteen of Cutlery.
    Made by E. Viners in Sheffield, 1931.
    Price £3,445.00

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