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  • All the items below have been sold, and remain here for reference purposes only.

    No. F337
    Victorian silver "Soy" cruet label.
    Made by Edward & John Barnard in London, 1852.
    Length of label 1.25" (3cm).
    Price 235.00

    No. D684
    Victorian silver "Chili" cruet label.
    Made by William Summers in London, 1872.
    Length of label 1" (2.5cm).
    Price 220.00

    No. H173
    German Antique .800 Silver Cigarette Case.
    Made circa 1890.
    Price 225.00

    No. I082
    Victorian 15 Carat Gold Toothpick.
    Made Circa 1880 ( Not Marked ).
    Price 225.00

    No. G005
    A Set of Edwardian Silver Tea Spoons in a Fitted Case.
    Made by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. in London, 1903.
    Length 4.25" (10.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G308
    6 Victorian silver 'Kings' teaspoons & tongs in a fitted case.
    Made by T&W Slater and H. Holland in London, 1894.
    Length of spoon 5.5" (13cm). Length of tongs 5" (12.5cm).
    Total weight of silver 5.72 troy oz (178g).
    Price 235.00

    No. F303
    Victorian silver & enamel "Cricket" fob.
    Made by Robinson Brothers in Birmingham, 1889.
    Length including ring 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. E306
    French silver beaker.
    Made by VC. EC., circa 1870.
    Height 3.4" (8.5cm). Weight 3.47 troy oz. (108g).
    Price 295.00

    No. F267
    George III silver patch box.
    Made by Joseph Taylor in Birmingham, 1812.
    Diameter 1" (2.5cm).
    Price 295.00

    No. E143
    Six George III silver tea spoons.
    Made by Stephen Adams I in London, 1789. Length 5.5" (14cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. E015
    Edwardian silver Champagne goblet.
    Made by William Hutton & Sons in London, 1904.
    Height 4.5" (11.5cm). Weight 3.95 troy oz. (123g)
    Price 295.00

    No. E208
    George III silver & steel shoe buckles.
    Made by William Sharp in London, circa 1785.
    (William Sharp of 3, Princes Street, Barbican, London).
    Length 2" (3.5cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. F021
    Victorian silver pepper pot.
    Made by George Angell in London, 1850.
    Height 3.75" (9.5cm). Weight 2.73 troy oz. (85g).
    Price 265.00

    No. H166
    Georgian Silver & Mother of Pearl Fruit Knife.
    Made circa 1790.
    Length open 5.5" (13.75cm).
    Price 265.00

    No. D470
    Victorian silver & bean pod snuff box.
    Made circa 1880.
    Length 1.5" (4cm).
    Price 255.00

    No. 4315b
    Victorian silver "Brandy" label.
    Made by George Unite in Birmingam, 1839.
    Length 2.5" (6.5cm).
    Price 235.00

    No. I027
    Arts & Craft Silver & Cornelian Napkin Ring.
    Made by A. S of London in 1930.
    Diameter at widest point 2.25" (5.5cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. F399
    A Silver Whistle.
    Made by J. Hudson & Co. in Birmingham, 1929.
    Length 2" (5cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. G242
    Austrian .800 Silver & Ivory Tea Strainer.
    Made by V. M. S., circa 1900.
    Length 6.75" (17cm). Weight 3.08 troy oz. (96g).
    Price 225.00

    No. H015
    Silver & Glass Scent Bottle.
    Made by William James Myatt & Co in Birmingham, 1922.
    Height 4" (10cm).
    Price 295.00

    No. H136
    George III Silver Salt Cellar.
    Made by Thomas Johnson in London, 1809.
    Length 4.5" (11.5cm). Weight 3.08 troy oz. (96g).
    Price 295.00

    No. G298
    George IV Silver Caddy Spoon.
    Made by William Eley in London, 1826.
    Length 3.5" (9cm).
    Price 295.00

    No. B160
    A silver sugar sifter by Liberty's.
    Made by Liberty & Co. in Birmingham, 1928.
    Price 225.00

    No. I006
    Edwardian Silver Vase.
    Chester import marks for 1908. Made by Berhold Muller.
    Length 3.75" (9.5cm). Weight 3.1 troy oz. (99g).
    Price 245.00

    No. E256
    A pair of George III silver & steel shoe buckles.
    Made circa 1820, not marked.
    Length 2.4" (6cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G273
    Victorian Silver "Teaette" Tea Infuser
    Made by George Gray in London 1891.
    Length 6" (15cm).
    Price 285.00

    No. G213
    Silver Miniature Salt Cellar.
    Made by J. C. L. in London, 1938.
    Diameter 0.5" (1.25cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. H037
    French Silver 'Cherub' Tea Strainer.
    Made circa 1890.
    Length 6" (15cm). Weight 1.5 Troy oz. (46.4g)
    Price 245.00

    No. H137
    Victorian Silver & Ivory 'Axe' Bread Fork.
    Made by Harry Wigfull in Sheffield, 1900.
    Length 7" (18cm).
    Price 295.00

    No. H121
    Scandinavian Silver & Enamel Sugar Sifter.
    Made circa 1900.
    Length 4.5" (11.3cm).
    Price 275.00

    No. H070
    Victorian Silver Bookmark.
    Made by Levi & Salaman in Birmingham, 1890.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. F166
    Victorian silver desk seal, Cherub holding a lady's shoe.
    Import mark for Chester, 1899.
    Height 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 265.00

    No. H169
    Silver Pierced Bon-Bon Dish.
    Made by Asprey & Co. in London, 1912.
    Length 4.75" (12cm).
    Price 265.00

    No. G160
    Georgian Silver & Steel Child's Thimble.
    Made circa 1810, not marked.
    Height 0.6" (1.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. H113
    Silver & Blue Enamel Pill Box.
    Made by Turner & Simpson in Birmingham, 1927.
    Diameter 1.6" (4cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G127
    Edwardian Silver Vesta Case.
    Made by E. Smith & W. Bartlam in Birmingham, 1908.
    Length 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. H138
    Continental .800 Silver & Enamel Locket.
    Made circa 1900.
    Diameter 1" (2.5cm).
    Price 295.00

    No. H148
    Edwardian Silver Sovereign Case.
    Made by Robert Pringle in Birmingham, 1909.
    Diameter 1.25" (3cm).
    Price 255.00

    No. H124
    Victorian Silver 'Lilly' Pattern Spoon & Fork.
    Made by George Adams of London in 1865.
    Length of Spoon 7" (18cm). Total weight of silver 3.53 troy oz. (110g)
    Price 225.00

    No. H123
    Silver 2-Sided Egg Cup & Spoon in a Fitted Case.
    Made by Christopher Perry in Chester, 1930.
    Height of cup 2" (5cm). Total weight of silver 1.89 troy oz. (59g).
    Price 275.00

    No. G036
    Edwardian Silver Sovereign Case.
    Made by A. L. Dennison in Birmingham, 1907.
    Diameter 1.25" (3cm), length including ring 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 255.00

    No. G247
    Victorian Silver Sovereign Case.
    Made by Joseph Walton in london, 1890.
    Diameter 1.25" (3cm).
    Price 260.00

    No. G142
    Victorian 9ct Gold & Citrine Seal with Split Ring.
    Made circa 1890.
    Length 1.5" (4cm).
    Price 285.00

    No. H035
    Silver 'Hand Bag' Mirror.
    Made by Chrisford & Norris in Birmingham, 1912.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G269
    A Pair of Newcastle Silver Old English Tablespoons.
    Made in 1795 by Thomas Watson.
    Length 9" (23cm). Total weight 4.46 troy oz. (139g).
    Price 295.00

    No. F071
    Victorian silver travelling shaving brush.
    Made by Sidney Thomas Oldridge in London, 1892.
    Length with brush out 5.4" (13.5cm).
    Price 295.00

    No. F038
    A pair of Victorian silver salt spoons.
    Made by David Pettifer in Birmingham, 1852.
    Length 3.4" (8.5cm).
    Price 275.00

    No. D623
    Silver "tennis racket" spoon.
    Made by Martin, Hall and Co. in Sheffield, 1931
    Length 5.25" (13.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. B342
    A rifle bullet mounted on a silver stand.
    Made by Hamilton & Co. of Calcutta circa, 1920. Height 2" (5cm).
    Price 265.00

    No. G033
    American Sterling Silver Marrow Scoop.
    Made by Bigelow, Kennard & Co. in Boston, circa 1880.
    Length 8.5" (21cm). Weight 1.28 troy oz. (40g).
    Price 235.00

    No. H034
    Continental .900 Silver & Blue and White Enamel 'Hand Bag' Mirror.
    Made circa 1910.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. G177
    A Pair of George III Silver Old English Tablespoons.
    Made by Hester Bateman in London, 1787.
    Length 7.75" (19.5cm). Total weight 3.18 troy oz. (99g).
    Price 295.00

    No. F204
    Victorian silver "monkey" bottle stopper.
    Made circa 1880, not marked.
    Length 3.25" (8.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G303
    Silver Pierced Bon-Bon Basket.
    Made by Synyer & Bedoes in Birmingham, 1921.
    Length from handle to handle 6" (15cm).
    Weight 2.25 troy oz.(70g).
    Price 245.00

    No. H020
    Scandinavian Silver and White & Turquoise Enamel Tea Strainer.
    Made circa 1900.
    Length 4.75" (12cm)
    Price 295.00

    No. F105
    A pair of silver pepper pots in a fitted case.
    Made by Martin Hall & Co. in Birmingham, 1919.
    Height 2.25" (5.5cm).
    Total weight of silver (excluding glass liners) 1.28 troy oz. (40g).
    Price 265.00

    No. G249
    George II Silver Shell-Back Hanovarian Tablespoon.
    Made in London, 1758 by Roger Hare.
    Length 8" (20.5cm). Weight 2 troy oz. (63g).
    Price 235.00

    No. F371
    French silver sifter spoon.
    Made by A. D., Circa 1880.
    Length 8" (20.5cm). Weight 2.34 troy oz. (73g).
    Price 255.00

    No. G226
    French Silver & Enamel Cigarette Holder & Case.
    Made circa 1920.
    Length 1.2" (2.75cm)
    Price 225.00

    No. G205
    Edwardian Silver & Porcelain Scent Bottle.
    Made in Birmingham, 1905.
    Length 2.2" (5.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G248
    Italian .800 Silver Nail Buff.
    Made circa 1935.
    Length 4.4" (11cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. G295
    Victorian Silver & Cranberry Glass Salt Cellars.
    Made by Robert Pringle, in London 1899.
    (With modern silver salt spoons).
    Diameter 1.75 " (4.5cm).
    Price 235.00

    No. 4399
    Victorian silver "milk jug" pepper pot.
    Made by C. Saunders and F. Shepherd in Chester, 1894.
    Height 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G229
    Indian Antique Silver Serving Fork.
    Made circa 1890, not marked.
    Length 8.25" (21cm). Weight 5.27 troy oz. (164g).
    Price 265.00

    No. G121
    Victorian Silver Mustard Pot.
    Made by John Henry Potter in Sheffield, 1894.
    Length 6.75" (2.75cm).
    Weight of silver (excluding glass liner) 2.7 troy oz. (84g).
    Price 225.00

    No. F011
    Silver "Mr Punch" bookmark.
    Made by W. H. Collins in Birmingham, 1933.
    Length 2.5" (6.5cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. G018
    6 Art-Deco Silver Coffee Spoons.
    Made by William Neale & Sons in Birmingham, 1932.
    Length 4" (10cm).
    Price 235.00

    No. G319
    American Sterling Silver Serving Fork.
    Made by Gorham, circa 1890.
    Length 8.75" (22cm). Weight 3.22 troy oz. (100g)
    Price 245.00

    No. E089
    Silver cake slice.
    Made by Harry Atkin in Sheffield, 1929.
    Length 9.5" (24cm). Weight 2.6 troy oz. (81g).
    Price 275.00

    No. G337
    An 18th Century Silver and Steel Fork from an Etui.
    Made circa 1730 (not marked).
    Length 6" (15cm).
    Price 265.00

    No. G312
    Silver Pill Box.
    Made by Dingley Brothers, in Birmingham 1932.
    Length 1.5" (3.75cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G214
    Silver "Elephant" Bookmark.
    Made by W. H. Collins in Birmingham, 1933.
    Lemgth 2" (5cm).
    Price 245.00

    No. F250
    Victorian silver menu holder.
    Made by William Gibson & John Langman in London, 1896.
    Height 1.75" (4.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G104
    Silver & Glass "Devil" Cayenne Bottle.
    Made by Hamilton & Co. in London, 1913.
    Height 4" (10cm).
    Price 275.00

    No. G075
    Victorian Silver "Lobster Claw" Bookmark.
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Co. in London, circa 1895 (date letter worn).
    Length 3.75" (9.5cm).
    Price 285.00

    No. D357
    George III silver caddy spoon.
    Made circa 1790, not marked. Probably by Bateman.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price 295.00

    No. G111
    George III Silver Patch Box.
    Made by Joseph Taylor in Birmingham, 1802.
    Length 1" (2.5cm).
    Price 295.00

    No. G299
    Six Silver "Woodpecker" Coffee Spoons.
    Made circa 1930.
    Length 4.25" (11cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G047
    Silver Bookmark.
    Made by H. F. D. & Co. in London, 1922.
    Length 3" (7.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G196
    Silver Snuff Box.
    Made by Suckling Ltd. in Birmingham, 1940.
    Length 2.5" (6.5cm). Weight 1.22 troy oz (38g).
    Price 295.00

    No. G165
    Victorian Silver "Maze Puzzle" Fob.
    Made by D. & Co. in Birmingham, 1889.
    Diameter 1" (2.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G010
    George IV Silver "Fiddle" Pattern Basting Spoon.
    Made by William Bateman II in London, 1826.
    Length 12" (30cm). Weight 4.46 troy oz. (139g).
    Price 275.00

    No. G254
    Victorian Silver & Mother of Pearl Fruit Fork.
    Made by James Fenton in Birmingham, 1864.
    Length open 5.5" (13.5cm).
    Price 225.00

    No. G259
    Edwardian Silver Full & Half Sovereign Case.
    Made by Samuel Levi in Chester, 1909.
    Length 2" (5cm).
    Price 295.00

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