Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


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    No. U129
    George III Silver 'Blind' Nipple Shield
    Made by Francis Higgins, London 1819
    Price £695.00

    No. U083
    Victorian Silver Medicine Spoon
    Made by Henry Holland, London 1875
    Price £295.00

    No. U067
    18th Century Silver Tweezers & Ear Wax Spoon
    Made by circa 1770
    Price £225.00

    No. U055
    French Silver Surgeon's Forceps
    Made by Aure-Marie Retoré, Paris c.1830
    Price £595.00

    No. T112
    French Silver Funnel
    Made circa 1810
    Price £195.00

    No. T110
    George IV Silver Doctor's Funnel
    Made by Charles Rawlings, London 1826
    Price £325.00

    No. T012
    George II Silver Pap Boat
    Made by Walter Brind, London 1751
    Price £1,595.00

    No. Q169
    Silver Medicine Spoon
    Made by Vale & St. John Ltd, Birmingham 1919
    Price £255.00

    No. Q168
    Victorian Silver Doctor's Tongue Depressor
    Made by Thomas Johnson, London 1856
    Price £435.00

    No. P051
    Set of 9 Georgian Silver, Steel & Ivory Cataract Knives
    Circa 1820
    Price £1,795.00

    No. L168
    Victorian Silver Medical Cobbler Tube
    Made by C.Rawlings & W.Summers of London in 1850
    Price £1,850.00

    No. M078
    Victorian Silver Gilt Dental Mirror
    Made by Abraham Brownett of London in 1864
    Price £1,450.00

    No. L182
    George IV 18 Carat Gold Doctor's Funnel
    Made by C.Rawlings & W.Summers of London 1828
    Price £1,495.00

    No. N006
    George III Silver Gilt Doctors Funnel
    Made by Charles Rawlings of London in 1820
    Price £585.00

    No. N004
    Victorian Silver Doctors Funnel
    Made by Thomas Diller of London in 1840
    Price £445.00

    No. N003
    French Silver Doctors Funnel
    Made circa 1780
    Price £395.00

    No. N002
    French .950 Silver Doctors Funnel.
    Made circa 1850.
    Price £435.00

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