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No. X065
'The Paul Revere' Silver Liberty Bowl
Made by Times Newspapers Ltd
London 1976
Diameter 11" (28cm); Height 5.5" (14cm)
Weight 44.25 troy oz (1377g)

Price 2,400.00

Below the rim are the names:
Caleb Hopkins, Nathl barber, John White, Willm Mackay, Danl Malcom, Benjn Goodwin, John Welsh,
Fortescue Vernon, Danl Parker, John Marston, Ichbod Jones, John Homer, Willm Bowes, Peter Boyer, Benja Cobb

On one side:
In a circle with scrolls and a foliated frame topped by a Liberty cap flanked by flags engraved 'Magna/Charta' and 'Bill of/Rights'
Inside the circle: 'No. 45. Wilkes & Liberty' over a torn page labeled 'Generall/Warrants'
On the other side:
A Liberty Cap in a wreath over leafy scrolls: 'To the Memory of the glorious NINETY-TWO: Members/of the Honbl House of
Representatives of the Massachusetts-Bay/who, undaunted by the insolent Menaces of Villains in Power/from a Strict Regard
to Conscience, and the LIBERTIES/of their Constituents, on the 30th of June 1768 /Voted NOT TO RESCIND'

Notes & Condition Report
The Liberty Bowl honoured ninety-two members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives who refused to rescind a letter sent
throughout the colonies protesting the Townshend Acts (1767), which taxed tea, paper, glass, and other commodities imported from England.
This act of civil disobedience by the "Glorious Ninety-Two" was a major step leading to the American Revolution.
The bowl was commissioned by fifteen members of the Sons of Liberty, a secret, revolutionary organization to which Revere belonged;
their names are engraved on the bowl as are references to Englishman John Wilkes, whose writing in defence of liberty inspired American patriots

The Liberty Bowl, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution have been called the nation's three most cherished historical treasures.
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston purchased the bowl in 1949, with funds that included seven hundred donations by Boston schoolchildren and the public.

This is a very good copy of The Liberty Bowl
With exact dimensions
Would be perfect to use as a wine cooler or as a punch/fruit bowl
or a wonderful display piece
Comes with a fitted case
Good gauge and weight
Excellent condition and hallmarks
Without damage or repair