Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu

1830 - 1836

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    No. T029
    William IV Silver 'Fiddle' Pattern Sauce Ladle
    Made by Jonathan Hayne, London 1830
    Price 135.00

    No. T026
    William IV Silver 'Kings Husk' Pattern Basting Spoon
    Made by William Eaton, London 1830
    Price 345.00

    No. S105
    William IV Silver 'Kings Husk' Pattern Pierced Fish Slice
    Made by William Eaton, London 1830
    Price 595.00

    No. S043
    William IV Silver Lorgnettes/Spectacles
    Made by Mary Ann Holmes, London 1830
    Price 395.00

    No. P157
    William IV Silver 'Pierced' Fiddle Pattern Fish Slice
    Made by William Eley, London 1831
    Price 445.00

    No. M114
    William IV Silver Pierced Fish Slice
    Made by William Eaton of London in 1831
    Price 465.00

    No. S056
    William IV Silver & Mother of Pearl Cheese Scoop
    Made by John Lawrence, Birmingham 1832
    Price 475.00

    No. R056
    A Rare William IV Silver 'VIDONIA' Wine Label
    Made by Taylor & Perry, Birmingham 1832
    Price 575.00

    No. T109
    William IV Silver 'Madeira' Vine-Leaf Label
    Made by William Knight, London 1833
    Price 175.00

    No. T050
    William IV Silver 'Fiddle' Pattern Sugar Sifter Ladle
    Made by William Chawner, London 1833
    Price 165.00

    No. R072
    Set of 6 William IV Silver Fiddle & Thread pattern Egg Spoons
    Made by Mary Chawner, London 1834
    Price 335.00

    No. S117
    Scottish Silver 'Fiddle' Pattern Toddy Ladle
    Made by Elder & Co, Edinburgh 1835
    Price 115.00

    No. N023
    William IV Rare Silver Propelling Pencil
    Made by Sampson Mordan & Gabriel Riddle of London in 1835
    Price 765.00

    No. K133
    William IV Silver & Mother Of Pearl Table Snuff Box
    Made by C. Rawlings & W. Summers, London 1835
    Price 1,145.00

    No. F235
    William IV Silver 'Victoria' Pattern Tea Caddy Spoon
    Made by Samuel Hayne & Dudley Cater, London 1836
    Price 395.00

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