Fine Antique Silver & Objects of Vertu


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    No. S020
    George III Silver 'Picking Apples' Nutmeg Grater
    Made in Birmingham 1799
    Price 2,795.00

    No. S019
    George III Silver Navette-shaped Nutmeg Grater
    Made by Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson, London 1785
    Price 1,295.00

    No. S018
    Victorian Silver 'Ribbed' Nutmeg Grater
    Made by Taylor & Perry, Birmingham 1847
    Price 1,195.00

    No. S017
    Large George III Silver 'Egg' Nutmeg Grater
    Made by Samuel Meriton, London c.1775
    Price 875.00

    No. R044
    George III Silver & Steel Nutmeg Grater
    By Thomas Phipps, Edward Robinson & James Phipps, London 1812
    Price 1,295.00

    No. P090
    George III Silver Nutmeg Grater with Bright-cut Decoration
    Made by John Langlands & John Robertson, Newcastle c.1780
    Price 1,595.00

    No. N042
    American Silver & Steel Nutmeg Grater
    Made by Simon Brothers, Philadelphia c.1850
    Price 685.00

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